The Eyes Of Reality Shows

Our Purpose

To be the leader and eye of reality shows or events. Host events on one platform.

Our Mission

As our name Revelio goes, we seek to reveal the creativity in events or reality shows. Provide the best and memorable events for our clients

Our Vision

To provide events that are completely unique to the personality style and taste of our audience. Ensure creativity at the highest level. Connect the world through events

Our Core Values

Creativity, Innovation and invention, Transparency and Teamwork, Diversity and Inclusion, Good ethics in all our dealings


What We Do

Software build up

Publicity and Artworks

Stage Design and Decoration

Event planing and organising


Recent Projects

KNUST TekSmartest

A Quiz show to find the smartest KNUST Hall by Revelio Media and NUGS


Stage Decoration by Revelio

Revelio On Social Media